Thursday, June 21, 2007

Laser Light Show at Stone Mountain!

After walking around Stone Mountain's little shops and eating dinner we decided to go back to the blankets that we had lied out a few hours prior to reserve our spot for the Laser light show. They have a show every night from 9:30pm - 11:00pm.

The weather was perfect. It had cooled down and we were waiting...

and waiting. It was around 8pm and we were relaxing on the lawn and it started to sprinkle a little bit. I told mom & dad not to worry, that we were in a drought and that it would probably just sprinkle and then clear up. Everyone else thought the same because no one was packing up. Well, famous last words! Within minutes it was a total down pour! We thought we would get under the blanket and wait out the storm. The rain never let up and by the time we decided to leave we were SOAKED!!! The blanket was dripping wet so water was streaming in as if it had holes in it. Mom Curtis braved the weather to get this next picture. It doesn't give justice to how hard it was coming down.

When we got to the van we looked like wet cats. Soaked to the bone! We were laughing our heads off and couldn't believe it. I was so sticky! We all know that it takes a truck load of hair product to style my hair and it was running all over my face and neck. Mom felt like her pants were falling off because they were so wet and heavy. Emree looks pretty good, but that's because the kids were running while looking at the ground so their backs are soaked. The umbrella was in the van. Look at poor Brackon and how wet he got! Both him and dad got the worst of it. It really was an adventure that we will always remember! We promise that we normally don't treat our guest like this.


Mindie said...

Good times! At least you made a lasting memory! Brackon you have such an amazing family, I love them all so much!

Charisse said...

How funny!! Nothing like an eastern rain storm!! What did Berkley think of it all? Did she get soaked? That is funny about your hair, that got2be stuff is really sticky!!