Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Kennedy and I were enthralled with the Twilight series, like most people were, after reading Twilight! All the women and girls in my family waited on pins and needles once we caught wind that Twilight was being made into a movie! We, of course, all had our opinions on the cast. We were anxious to see how the movie would be and got on line and bought our tickets for the midnight showing when we found out they were available. Kennedy and I, mom, Jeannie, Cassi, Patti, Mindy and Micki all went.

Here we are waiting outside the theater at 10pm!

We were able to sit all together up towards the top of the theater. While we waited we ate lots of popcorn and candy and talked and talked and talked!!!

Here's Cassi, Kennedy and Maddie (Kennedy's friend.)

Me and Kennedy at 2:30am after the movie!
Kenner's won't be very excited about this pic!!

I know that there were mixed reviews about the show, but I LOVED it!!! I can hardly wait to see it again. We'll see if I can drag Brackon to it this time!!!


Sheli said...

I'm so glad you all loved the movie. There were so many of you that went. We had a ball that night too. Kylee and her friend dressed up for the Twilight Prom. We have seen it now five times and counting. Love love loved it. Luv u all

Marilee said...

Hey Marc,
Just got back from seeing it for the 3rd time! (Twice in the last three days, the first time was the midnight showing the day it opened) I LOVED it too! I was so nervous about it cause I didn't like Robert Pattinson as Edward when I watched the trailers. I was SOOOO pleasantly surprised. Right now I'm reading the transcript of "Midnight Sun" which is Twilight from Edwards point of view! It's so good and you can get it off of Stephenie Meyers website. Anywho, loved all your updates. You all look so good! Lots of Luvs!

Mindie said...

Good times! Cute pic's. I still have to do my post from our Twilight Night, I'm so behind!

Carlye Momma said...

Oh my heck that's SO stinkin cute! I liked the movie...I just needed to quit comparing it to the book. I can't wait to see it again though. I hear it's better the second time.


MarcomsMadness said...

I LOVED IT TOO!!!! I can totally see that y'all had a BLAST!! I can't wait until the next one too!