Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Turkey Day!!!

I started out Turkey Day bright and early to run the 5K Turkey Trot with my sisters Reecy and Mindy. We had great weather and it worked out fabulously since we had TWO turkey dinners, well a lunch and dinner! So yummy!!!

We had Thankmas this year...Christmas at Thanksgiving! All of our family was together for thanksgiving and won't be for Christmas so we had our family gift giving! There are 40 of us when we are all together so we reserve the church and do it over there. The kids loved it! They got their presents from Grandma & Grandpa Livingstone. The girls got webkinz, build-a-bear, and Twilight perifinallia!

This year the Henwoods had our family so they got the older girls shirts and another present that the girls can't open until Christmas or else it would give away one of the gifts they're getting from us!

Berkley got a fun cereal container and some bathtub crayons that she is going to love!

Thank you mom and dad and Henwoods for the gifts. It was so much fun to get together as a family and spend time with eachother! We love you all!

(Yes, Brackon was there! I don't know how he managed to dodge getting his photo taken! Sorry handsome!)


Mindie said...

Looks like you had a fun busy day with your sweet fam! Congrats on your run, that's awesome! Good job on getting caught up on all your post, It's about time! he he he xoxox

Carlye Momma said...

Oh how fun!!! I'm so proud of you for running on Thanksgiving day woman! Guess what my resolutions are this year...again...???



laurie said...

wow! i thought we had alot when we get together.... but "40"? thats some posterity. tell mom and dad livingston, great job on doing their part. your posts are so darling. keep the up-dating. its fabulous. love you much ~ mom

The Ellsworth Gang said...

Luv the Thanksgiving run! Wish I was that motivated!! :-) How many sister do u have anyway? U all look so great! Come run with us in Georgia next time! We miss u!