Monday, November 03, 2008

Annual Livingstone Soup & Scoop

The Monday night before Halloween mom & dad L hold our annual Soup & Scoop where we all bring our favorite soups to share. It's so yummy!!! Once we're done eating we clear the table and get ready for the 'Scoop' part of the night...carving pumpkins! We have so much fun!
This year we did it out in mom & dad's garage. It's so nice to do it out there so that we don't have to worry about the kids spilling their soup or pumpkin guts all over the floor!

This year my brother John thought he'd make things a little easier and grabbed my dad's reciprocating saw. Poor pumpkin didn't see what was coming!

Brackon was out of town so grandma was being my biggest helper and helped
Emree with her pumpkin.

Me and Morgan carving her pumpkin!

Jace, Kennedy and Cassi carving their's.

The fruits of our labors!

Emree's spider!

Morgan's pumpkin

Kennedy's bat!


Lisa said...

What a fun tradition!

Unknown said...

wow I am impressed with the pumpkins those cuties turned out. I feel inspired to start more family traditions.

Grandpa - Grandma Livingstone said...

Thanks for posting all the great pics! It was such a fun night and ALL the pumpkins turned out soooooo great. Jess's was so thick I'm glad John used the saw on his first 'cuz I'm not sure Jess could have cut his with a knife. It was 5 - 6" thick and soooooooooooooo heavy. WOW. Love you all.