Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Visiting St. George!

It has been so nice to live close to family again. Every time we have a chance we head on down to St. George to visit the Curtis family. We had such a great time at mom & dad Curtis' house. On Saturday we had a BBQ and took in some rays while the kids all swam in the pool and played in the hot tub.

The kids LOVE the hot tub! They think it's a special little pool made just for them!

Emree and Demie

Brackon and Dad Curtis were taking care of Berkley.

Coby and Tiffany have a HUGE dog named Abby! She is the sweetest thing and the kids love it when they get to see her. Berkley loved giving her snuggles! Abby makes Berkley look like a dinner mint!!

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laurie said...

It was a blast with everyone here. Time went too fast((*_*)) Abby hasnt met Tucker yet! i will take pics so you can see. I'm almost afraid Abby will wipe Tucker out with one lick. Give smootchies to all ~ love you ~ grandma