Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Trip to the Zoo....Or NOT!!!

On May 2nd all of the 1st graders were going to the zoo. Emree was so excited! All week long their class was making different animals with moving heads and tails and talking about it. I was one of the chaperon's and they had us at the school at 8 am. We were waiting for the buses to get there and one little boys dad who worked at the zoo was talking to the kids about all of the new babies and what to look for. Finally at 9:30 am Emree's teacher, Mrs. Poai, went out to the office to find out why the buses weren't there yet. After about 10 min. she came back in and told us that the district transportation office never scheduled the buses for us and there weren't any bus drivers so they had to cancel the trip. WHAT - CANCEL A ZOO TRIP FOR FIRST GRADERS!!! We could not believe it! The kids were so sad.

To try and make it up the teachers had us walk to a near by park to play and eat our lunches. The kids had a great time. These are two of Emree's good friends , Elizabeth and Jessica.

The park had a big pond and the kids were thrilled to find that the ducks had laid their eggs all around in the rocks!

The girls spent most of the time exploring around the rocks. Just before we left the park we took a picture of Emree's class. When we got back to the school they had set up the gym like a theater and we watched the animated Robin Hood and eat Krispy Kreme Donuts! YUMMY!!! Maybe we should cancel trips more often. They rescheduled the zoo trip for May 9th and had a great time seeing all of the little baby animals. The albino alligator was Emree's favorite!


Tiffany said...

That's too bad the zoo field trip didn't work out the first time, but it sounded like the kids had fun anyway. And I love your new background on your blog! How's everyone doing out there in Utah? Berkley looks so big!

I thought about calling you up while we were in Utah, but we didn't have enough time. But it would have been nice to see you guys!

laurie said...

my sweetie em's ~ is that a few new freckles on that snoot? looks like you had a fun day! miss you all tons.

love you forever ~ grandma