Friday, May 04, 2007

Teacher Appreciation!

Last Sunday our ward held a teacher appreciation night for the kids school teachers. The kids wrote special little notes telling their teacher how special they are and then each child gave their teacher a certificate that they had signed. Emree invited her kindergarten teacher, Ms. Davis. She loves her to death and was so excited to have her there! Emree sat on her lap the whole time.

Of course, there was refreshments and Emree shared a plate with Ms. Davis. It was a really nice evening and the children loved doing something special for their teachers!

Ms. Davis is such a fantastic teacher! She truly loves the children that she teaches and is so patient with them. We are so grateful to her and all that she has done for our sweet Emree. If only all the teachers loved their job and the kids as much as Ms. Davis does! She really goes above and beyond!


Anonymous said...

What a cute idea and a good missionary moment. That is stinkin cute.

Grandpa - Grandma Livingstone said...

Emree you are soooooo darling. We love you and we love your teacher Miss Davis. She is so nice. We're so glad we got to meet her. You are very lucky to have her and she is very lucky to have you. We loved your picture "Rainbow". You are a wonderful artist. We love you.

Honey said...

Wow, Emree! That is so neat to have a special night with your teacher. She sure looks nice. We're happy you had a fun time. We love you!

Charisse said...

How fun to have your teacher come Emree! She sounds like she is a great teacher. We love you guys!