Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Berkley's Blessing Dress

This Sunday the 22nd we blessed Berkley. Brackon did such a beautiful job! She is 3 weeks old! It has gone by so fast. She is such a good baby! Very content and happy! We are so blessed to have such a sweet baby! (Sorry for the next pic. I don't know how to erase a picture from a post once I've copied it to the blog and I had forgotten to flip it. If anyone knows how to do it without erasing the other pics I'd love to know!)

Berkley LOVES her binki and she was fusing when I was trying to do pics. I gave it to her to help her fall asleep so the next pics have binki marks on her cheeks if you look really close.

We all know how much of a chore it is to get babies to do what we want them to do for pics! She was finally asleep!

Berkley is such a sweet little baby and we just love her to pieces! We'll continue to post lots of pics so that you can see how much she's changing! She looks like she is so chubby but she is still so tiny. Mom and Dad Livingstone can attest to that!
I made her blessing dress 14 years ago when I was at Ricks College. It's a good thing that I had girls! Each of them was blessed in it, but I didn't get very good pic's of the other girls in the dress and I wish I had. It would be fun to display them all in it. I guess we'll have to put it away for their daughters now!


Honey said...

What a princess, she is so precious! Such adorable pictures. I think the one with her binky, she looks just like Emree! What a doll! Thanks for posting the pics, we love to see her (and the rest of you too of course)! Love you.

Charisse said...

How precious! She looks so cute. The pictures look very professional. I thought she looked just like Emree with her binki. I am so glad she is such a good baby for you. Love you guys!

Grandpa - Grandma Livingstone said...

She is so sweet!! The pictures turned out so great. I just want to snubble her. I just miss her so much and all of you!!! Thank you for a wonderful time. Good luck on your testing the rest of the week girls. We know you will do great. We love you and miss you.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh so stinkin cute, I wish I could smell her. Give her lots of kisses and tell her her favorite Aunt Tiff sends love.

Jeannie Barclay said...

Great job with the pictures. They look so good. I don't think she looks just like Emree anymore. She looks like she belongs to you guys but I see alot of Curtis in her. She is beautiful just like all her sisters are. You are blessed with four beautiful girls. Brackon will have to invest in a bat pretty soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh what an angel! I wish Demie could see her. We talk about Berkley to her and she gets all excited like she knows who we're talking about. It's cute! I'm glad she's being a good girl. I think these babies are so good because Gammy sent them! We love you guys...kiss her chunks for us~