Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms!!! We hope that you are all relaxing and having an enjoyable day with your families. We especially want to let mom livingstone & mom curtis know how much we love and appreciate them and all they do for us. We couldn't ask for mothers more amazing than they are! Thanks for all your love, patience, and wisdom through out the years. We love & miss you both so much!

These are the latest pictures that we've taken of Berkley. She will be 6 weeks old tomorrow, but these pic's were taken when she was 5 weeks. She already looks a lot bigger then these photos! We need to get on the ball and be better about taken pic's.

We just can't seem to get enough of those cheeks of hers. I'm surprised that they aren't raw from all the kisses she's been getting, especially from her sisters!!!

Berkley's eyes look so dark in this picture, but she has really beautiful blue eyes. We'll see if they change to brown like her other sisters did. Morgan's eyes didn't turn until she was 6 months so we could have a bit of a wait before we know for sure.

Berkley has started to smile at us and is a lot more observant of her surroundings. Every time we put her in her swing she looks up right away to look and the birds that go around in a circle above her. It is so much fun to see her little personality start to develop. She only wakes up once a night and goes right back to sleep after she eats. She will sleep anywhere from a 6 to 7 hour stretch. Now if we could just get her to go to bed before 11pm-12am we'd be set. We really don't have any complaints. How grateful we are for our sweet baby Berkley!


Honey said...

She is so precious and what a cute picture of the both of you. We wish we could see her and give her loves. We love to see the pics, so keep 'em coming! We love you.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I want to smooch her and smooch her too.

Mindie said...

She is so beautiful just like her big sisters!! We miss you tons xoxox

Charisse said...

You guys look too cute! I love her cheeks! So cute! I'm so glad that she is such a good baby for you. Love you!

Grandpa - Grandma Livingstone said...

Berkley you are getting so big! You are such a darling little precious one. I just want to give those cheeks more snubbles. We just miss you guys so much. I'm so glad we got to come see all of you. Such a great picture of you and Berkley Marc. We love all of you. Wish we were there to take a turn. Love you, love you.

Jeannie Barclay said...

You both look so cute. I sure think she looks like a curtis. I wish I could give her a big kiss on those cute cheeks. Love you all!