Monday, February 12, 2007

A Quick Trip to Charlotte!

This weekend our family headed up to Charlotte, North Carolina to see our cousins. We are so excited to have Rob and Flori living so close to us! It has been a long while since we've seen them. They are about 4 1/2 hours from us which is a hop, skip and a jump when you consider that our families live soooo far away in Utah! We got to their home Friday evening and left Sunday afternoon. Not nearly enough time!

We had a house full of six gaggling geese! Each of our girls is only about a year in age difference and within 15 min. they were glued at the hip and having a fantastic time. Flori is also pregnant and due the month after me with, of course, another little girl. I'd say we worked that out just perfect!

On Saturday we went to this fun place called Imagine On (if I remember correctly) and the kids had such a blast. They had a section where the kids can dress up in animal or princess costumes and play in this huge area where they had a palace with a dinner table set up with play food and plates, etc. The girls are sitting in the reading center in this next picture. They also had a shoemakers place where the kids could make shoes and a Jack-in-the-bean-stock area with a slide.

Of course the most exciting place of all for six little princesses was the Cinderella coach! There was quite the wait and anticipation to get in there. They didn't get to sit in there for very long, but there was so much to do that they had other things to occupy their time.

After the girls played we went to the most delicious pizza place and ate lunch. Flori and Rob had these coupons that had us buy 4 - 14inch pizzas. As they all came out we were a little embarrassed and thought surely we would have another meal out of them. Even more embarrassing however was the fact that we went home with only 4 pieces of pizza. It was so delicious and we devoured them very quickly! You'd have thought we hadn't eaten in a week. To mine and Flori's defense - we are eating for two!!!

There was much weeping, whaling, and gnashing of teeth when it was time to go - mostly on Emree's part! The girls are so excited to have new found cousins so close and Brackon and I are excited to have Flori and Rob back again. We had such a great time and look forward to getting together soon.


The Henwood's said...

How fun! You can sure tell Rob an Flori's girls have LeBaron in them! We love you all!

Charisse said...

How fun to see Flori and Rob again!! Their girls sure look like Flori. How fun to have all girls!! Even though I come from a family of girls with Ashley coming I feel kind of inadequate because all I know right now are little boys!! Marcie you look great, lucky you your face dosen't fill out like mine when you are pregnant!!

Honey said...

What a fun weekend! You seriously couldn't have planned your families better-that's awesome. We're so happy you have some family out there now. We love you and miss you!

Grandpa - Grandma Livingstone said...

How fun to see pictures of all of you. It looks like you were having so much fun. Isn't it amazing how distances pale when you are so far from home. We're so glad they are out there for you. It was fun to see Flori and Rob and the girls too. The pizza sounds yummy! We love you and miss you so much. Love G&G

Crazed Cassi* said...

I love the pictures you all look so good. I love Rob's beard. I can't believe how much Flori's girls look like her family. It's like seeing a Mary, Flori and some others. It looked like so much fun!