Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What a Happy Thanksgiving!

For Thanksgiving Grandma & Grandpa Curtis came out to visit us. It was so nice to have family here with us since family is usually so far away! They were here for 4 1/2 days and that, of course, went by so quickly. Grandma and Grandpa took lots of pictures of the girls while they were here. I didn't end up taking any with my camera because it would've taken all the fun out of it. So much more fun to have your pictures taken by Grandma and Grandpa, then by mom and dad!

Here we are with Grandma and Grandpa at one of our favorite BBQ restaurants 'Smokey Bones'. No, this was not our Thanksgiving dinner! We had a HUGE dinner for the 7 of us, but we didn't get any pictures of it. It was a cozy dinner that we spent the day cooking for and it was literally over in 10 min.! Everyone gets their food quick when there are only 7 people, as opposed to the 36 that Grandma and Grandpa Livingstone had.

It was so much fun having Grandma and Grandpa Curtis out here with us. We can hardly wait for them to come back! Emree was stuck to Grandpa the entire time! He was exhausted by the end of the trip I'm sure. Grandma called us when they got into Vegas and let us know that Grandpa felt like he had lost an appendage!


Jeannie Barclay said...

Your house looks cute. You'll have to go around and take more pictures please. You all look fab! We miss you lots... Love Jeannie

Marilee said...

Marc! Your house looks adorable! And the Girls look like they had lots of fun with G and G! Glad ya had a nice thanksgiving! Miss Ya Lots!
Love, Mar

Grandpa - Grandma Livingstone said...

Love your pictures.It's so good to see all of you. We love you and miss you so much. You should post pictures of your whole house - it is so cute. It would be fun for those that haven't seen it. Love you guys.

Charisse said...

We miss you guys, we are still waiting for the belly shot!!