Friday, September 08, 2006

Under Constuction

While Emree is busy building her fort in her bedroom, we are busy building our blog so stay tuned...Yipee!!!!


Anonymous said...

How fun, Marcie -- neat way to keep us posted on what is happening in your lives. I am so lonesome for you, and can't believe Morgan is 8 already. We are so happy to hear you are expecting.

Love you tons!

Aunt Patti and Uncle Roy

Grandpa - Grandma Livingstone said...

Emree you are such a builder!! I just want to give you a snubble. I love you so much. Grandma is busy building outside on the deck. Check our blog site next week and I'll post some pictures. Give Kennedy, Morgan and Mommy and Daddy a hug for me. Love you.

Anonymous said...

hey kids! cutie pies! loved the pics. thanks for sharing. miss you tons. cant wait to visit sometime soon.
love grandma (L)